House-made. Small business. Local.

These are Firebird Sweets’ core principles in sourcing. We take great care in sourcing our ingredients so that they’re high in quality while doing good for our community as well.

It is sadly common for convenience products, such as pre-made tart shells or thaw-and-bake pastries, to be served at even the quaintest cafés. Here, we believe that food created with care by a person, rather than a giant machine and factory worker, are better in all aspects: taste, nutrition, and appearance. Thus, as much as possible, we mix our own doughs, bake our own breads, make our own stocks, and cook our own fillings. We also pride ourselves in being conscious of what is in season to produce the most delicious foods.

Firebird Sweets is a small company and as we rely upon community support, we do so in kind to other small local businesses. Our milk comes from pacific northwest farms distributed by a dairy literally down the street, we purchase specialty eggs and produce from a small farm in Monroe, WA, we serve coffee roasted in Burlington, WA, our honey is painstakingly cared for by an apiary in West Seattle, and the brand of flour we use is made from locally and sustainably grown, harvested, and milled wheat.

We care very much about where our ingredients come from, how they are produced, how workers are treated, and how companies responsibly manage their environmental impacts. Firebird Sweets strives to do good while doing well.