The Team

Rumi Ohnui – Founder & Executive Pastry Chef

The Firebird Sweets team is led by founder and executive pastry chef Rumi Ohnui.

Rumi learned her way around the kitchen as a child thanks to the tutelage of her parents who were both fantastic cooks (her father was professionally involved in the restaurant industry for his whole life). While her elementary school classmates were dreaming of being astronauts and firefighters, Rumi wanted to own a bakery. Instead of microwaving an after-school snack, she would whip up a batch of soup starting from homemade roux.

Rumi worked her way in to the pastry world after a successful career in graphic design. She carries from that era her expertise in visual appeal and obsession with quality in everything she creates. She passionately rallies for creating works of food utilizing only the best ingredients available (check out the efforts taken in sourcing), and only what is necessary. Her core beliefs are to keep things beautifully simple and deliciously awesome.

Rumi’s career has included leading programs as the pastry chef for cafés, corporations, restaurants, catering companies, and bakeries. Additionally, she has been privately contracted to create wedding cakes, specialty birthday cakes, and desserts. Having a strong affinity with the mythological phoenix (and as a play on Igor Stravinsky’s composition), Firebird Sweets was born as her own venture and Rumi is thrilled to be able to share her work with the world.

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Eric is Firebird Sweets’ sourdough starter. He was born nearly a decade ago!

If you’re interested in raising a bit of Eric yourself, please check out how here!